About the Show

“Chat With A Lawyer”, a program of the Atikal Foundation, is a new TV Show in Prince George’s County which features lawyers in the community who provide free legal advice to local residents. The show was created by local community activist and lawyer, Wala Blegay, who saw the need for the show while discussing legal issues with local residents. “Many county residents have no access to lawyers or are unable to afford a lawyer and this show allows them to receive invaluable information and consider important tasks such as drafting a will or talking to a lawyer about home loan modifications or foreclosures,” stated Ms. Blegay “the most rewarding part of this show is hearing testimonials from someone who has benefitted from watching the show.” Since the first filming of the show, the following topics have been discussed: wills, family law, foreclosure, discrimination, personal injury, employment discrimination, human trafficking, trademarks, immigration and business law.

The show airs three times a day on District Heights and Mount Rainier cable stations; and on CTV.

Atikal Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to improving outreach and services to underserved and underemployed communities in Prince George’s County, Maryland. We support activities that lead to economic self-sufficiency, community involvement and personal empowerment through strategies that encourage entrepreneurship, interdependence and improving quality of life.

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