Chat with a Lawyer: Karen Straughn on Consumer Rights Mediation and Lemon Law


Meet Karen Straughn

Karen Straughn is an Assistant Attorney General and Director of the Mediation Unit for the Consumer Protection Division, which mediates disputes between consumers and businesses.  Under Ms. Straughn’s direction, the mediation unit handles over 10,000 cases each year, and has a 60% success rate.  She has been in this position for over 7 years.  Prior to coming to the Consumer Protection Division in 2008, Ms. Straughn served 3 years as the Director of Consumer Complaints, Property & Casualty Unit, for the Maryland Insurance Administration, after working as a private attorney in the insurance defense field.  She received her law degree in 1998 at the University of Baltimore Law School, and her undergraduate degree from Towson University.











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