Chat with a Lawyer: Ingrid Turner on Legal Issues for Military Members and Veterans


Meet Ingrid Turner

Growing up in Prince George’s County as the daughter of an Army Colonel and an educator, Ingrid learned the importance of service and treating people fair.  She attended Prince George’s County public schools and graduated from Elizabeth Seton High School.  Later, after she graduated from the United States Naval Academy, Ingrid earned an MBA from Golden Gate University and a law degree from Catholic University, Columbus School of law.  Ingrid was honored to become a member of the Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps and after 20 years in the military, she retired with a record of distinguished service.  But Ingrid wanted to do more to serve the community.  Ingrid ran for office and was elected to the Prince George’s County Council in 2006.  In 2011, she was unanimously elected to serve as Chair.  Today, Ingrid is running for Prince George’s County Circuit Court Judge.
“I believe this is a critical time in our nation and community where judicial reform is desperately needed.  I bring a diverse background with an understanding of the need to be firm, but fair.  I will be a judge who runs a problem-solving court that works in effective ways with everyone who comes before me.  When your son, brother, sister, daughter, husband, or wife comes before me, I am going to give them a fair shake.”

The Right Experience

  • Judge Advocate General’s Corps Officer rising to the rank of Commander in the U.S. Navy.
  • Prosecutor. Hospital Attorney. Administrative Law Attorney.
  • Family law, consumer protection, landlord tenant, contracts, estate planning, federal tort claims.
  • Inspected legal offices responsible for prosecution, defense counsel, the judiciary, federal tort claims and legal assistance.
  • Attorney for Western Pacific, Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf commands and installations.
  • Deputy managing attorney for 14 major commands and over 40 units worldwide employing over 1,000 military and civilian personnel.
  • Director, Department of the Navy, Office of the Judge Advocate General.
  • Prince George’s County Council Chair elected unanimously by her peers.
  • Chair of the District Council.
  • Chair of the Board of Health.
  • Involved in the Community – Active member of boards, organizations and associations.

The Right Values

  • Ingrid Turner will judge each case on its merits and apply equal justice under the law.
  • Ingrid Turner will give everyone a fair shake.
  • Ingrid Turner will respect all individuals who enter the courtroom and ensure a fair trial for all.
  • Ingrid Turner is from the community.  She listens to the community and heard the community loud and clear: judicial reform is needed.
  • Ingrid Turner will keep an open door by providing effective communication between the bench and the community.







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