Chat With A Lawyer: Lobbyist Len Lucchi, Esq. on Maryland Legislation, Minimum Wage and Police Brutality

Check out my interview with Lobbyist Len Lucchi who discusses various Maryland laws and their impact such as Minimum Wage, Firearms, State Budget, Transportation, Police Brutality and more.


Meet Leonard (Len) Lucchi

Leonard L. Lucchi is a registered lobbyist who represents business owners, trade groups, and County and City governments before the Maryland General Assembly and the United States Congress.  Mr. Lucchi’s scope of representation includes lobbying, tracking pending or proposed legislative activities and analyzing the effects of those pieces of legislation on client matters, drafting legislation, organizing and mobilizing coalitions in support or opposition to pending or proposed legislation, effectively utilizing media outlets to support client initiatives, and testifying on behalf of clients before various legislative committees.

During his thirty years as a legislative advocate, Mr. Lucchi has helped to shape legislation on behalf of his business and corporate clients that creates or enhances the marketplace for their goods and services.  For example, Mr. Lucchi persuaded the Maryland General Assembly to pass a law requiring the installation of carbon-monoxide detectors in new residential construction.  The passage of this bill created a new market for his client, a major manufacturer of carbon monoxide detectors.  In addition to his representation of business owners, Mr. Lucchi has represented trade groups such as solar power manufacturers, mobile home park owners, and food delivery franchisees and has helped to guide them through the legislative process.


Contact Info:

Leonard L. Lucchi
Principal, Administrative Law & Government Relations Practice Group
O’Malley, Miles, Nylen & Gilmore, P.A.
11785 Beltsville Drive, 10th Floor, Calverton, MD 20705

Phone:    301.572.1934
Fax:         301.572.6655

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